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Greetings and welcome to INTEGRA GLOBAL !
Integra Global is engaged in various fields for the international business from manufacture of solar panel cleaning robot to international transactions of industrial goods, machines for factory automation, dairy foods. Especially as an engineering and manufacturing company of automated solar PV panel cleaning system(robot), we not only designed, but also manufactured, install the system with highly sophisticated workmanship. As you visit the website, you will easily recognize that Solmaks is unique and differentiated. It is the world’s leading design and technology specialized for solar panel cleaning/cooling.
We are committed to delivering the real value of solar energy to solar energy users and business people as well as to providing the ultimate standard of solar panel cleaning to solar energy users. We are also committed to enhancing solar life convenience and solar energy efficiency by implementing cleaning solar PV panels conveniently and safely.
Given the importance of the renewable energy sources, we fully understand our responsibility and obligation that the immediate and regular care for solar panels will be the future of solar industry to revitalize the solar energy uses. We constantly strive to develop and improve our system as being encouraged to extend our business globally and domestically. 
Our Solmaks, solar PV panel cleaning/cooling system is a superb investment in your solar life and business success.


Brandon Lee ( 李 元 基 )



Vision, intent & Mission