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Originally Integra Global (a sole proprietorship) based in Korea, Rep. was established in 2006 as a general international trading company and recently has been converted into a design, engineering and installation corporation specialized in Automated Solar Panel Cleaning System including international trading business of Factory & Logistics Automation. Our patented.
Solmaks® is the brand name for an automated solar panel cleaning system(robot) to optimize the production efficiency of solar PV system removing obstructions (dust, sand particles,traffic particles, snow,coal dust,iron dust,salt debris,leaves, etc.) immediately and safely on the surface of solar panels as well as cooling down the overheated panel surface during high heat in summer conveniently and safely. Pollen on solar PV panels reduce the system’s power production and the efficiency of solar PV panels decreases as the operating temperature increase. Despite the strong demand for the solar energy and the huge growth of the solar PV industry over the past decade, cleaning and maintenance methods of solar PV systems relatively have remained inefficient or even unchanged. Large-scale solar PV systems like utility scale, commercial scale are also usually cleaned by outsourced cleaning services, maintenance company or restricted self-cleaning technology. Small-scale solar PV system is also still cleaned manually with a hand cleaning kit rolling up sleeves by system panel owners inconveniently and unsafely, or cleaned by outsourced cleaning & maintenance services.
Given the diverse solar PV array types and market sizes of utility scale, commercial and residential , Solmaks is the best alternative and solution to implement the cleaning and cooling of solar PV panels conveniently and fully.
Our ultimate goalis to position ourselves as a real value provider of solar energy for a real solar PV system users.


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